2020 Dominion Raceway Champ Karts

•SR Champ kart chassis (NKA Specs) 425 lbs with driver will be checked after the race if under you will be disqualified.
•6.5 Hp (NKA) Clone engines only.
•87 octane gas from Sheetz in front of the race track. Must be purchased on the day of the race. The gas will be checked.
•All safety equipment required (NKA) Snell/SFI approved helmet, neck collar / Hans device optional, 5 point racing harness, arm restraints, race jacket, gloves and Shoes.  Will have a pre-race tech before each race.
•Starting positions will be pulled from a bucket, no qualifying as of now.
•No Wings allowed
•1 Air duct/ hose for engine cooling only
•No mirrors
•Open tire rule, must run 10” wide right side rims
•Absolutely no chemicals/liquids (preps, cleaners etc....) used in or on tires at the event due to we will not be the only ones racing the track surface. If anyone is found using any chemicals/liquids you will be disqualified and asked to leave.
•Tech will be after the race, positions 1 thru 3 will be checked per NKA Rules tech man decisions are final.