Humblet Wins Twice,  Donnelly Takes Points Lead

The Modifieds and Trucking Thunder Dominion Racers both had twin races Saturday night. One saw a first-time winner and both classes saw a new points leader at the end of the night.

Chris Johnson was the fastest qualifier for the first feature, but after pulling a six on the redraw, he was inverted to position six on the grid putting Michael Johnson inside row one. Before the first lap could be completed, several cars got together coming out of turn four, sending cars all over the front stretch and Peyton Ferree came to rest on the roof of his number 23 machine.  Several intense moments passed as crew and track personnel came to his aid in the car and eventually, he emerged and walked to the ambulance under is own power. The incident also took out the points leader Chris Johnson. Once they got the track cleaned, they had a full field restart. It didn’t take the Humblets long to put their machines out in front in the first and second spots and they would eventually finish that way with Jimmy Humblet taking his first feature win if the year and his son finishing second. Chris Humblet took the points lead over from C. Johnson and when asked about taking over the points lead, C. Humblet said “Right now we are just chasing stickers for wins. Not going to worry about the points till the end of the season”.

In the second feature it was more of the Humblet show. On the second lap Mike Carte and Mike Rudy got together coming out of two and they both moved to the low side of the track. J. Humblet took advantage of the miscue and drove by on the outside of both to complete the pass and drove away. C. Johnson started the second feature in the 29 car and was able to stay in second behind J. Humblet for a good portion of the green flag laps but was eventually passed by C. Humblet who went on to finish second behind his father for the second straight race. Go to the Dominion Facebook page to see an interview with Jimmy Humblet as he talks about running with his son and about winning his first two features this year at Dominion.

The Truckin’ Thunder Dominion Racer class also had an extremely close points battle coming into the evening and they too were running twin 35 lap feature. Cole Bruce had a slim, two-point lead over Aaron Donnelly coming into the night with Davey Callihan a not to distant third. Qualifying saw Callihan take the pole with a time of 16.56, Bruce was second with a 16.59 and Donnelly third with a time of 16.62. The invert of the top five put Reid Murphy on the pole. With plenty of green flag racing thanks to only one caution, Callihan, Bruce and Donnelly were all able to pick their way through traffic and get to the front. On the one yellow flag that did occur, the restart had Donnelly inside row one, Callihan on the outside and Bruce inside row 2. Chris Donnelly got a great run over the last ten laps and was able to get past Bruce with a few laps remaining to finish in the third spot with A. Donnelly taking his third checkered flag of the year as well as the all-important points lead. Callihan finished in the second position.