October 17th Race Report

Goin, Sellers Split Feature Wins

The Late Models and Modifieds both ran twin features Saturday night. They also both had drivers wrap up track championships.

In the first feature for the Late Model division, John Goin started on the pole after Aaron Donnelly took the pole in qualifying but drew a two for the invert. Goin stayed out front for only about 10 laps before Peyton Sellers assumed his usual spot, the lead, where he stayed until the white flag lap. Goin, who had been riding in second most of that time, saw an opportunity and took it. With a little help from a slower lap car, Goin got right up on Sellers and used his bumper to move him up  about half a groove on the track and Goin was able to drive by on the low side to take the checkered flag for his first ever win at Dominion. “We had a real good car. The car was a rocket ship. I gave the lead up there in the beginning and was able to get it back there on that last lap pass”. Rounding out the top five were Sellers, Sergio Pena, Daniel Silvestri and G.R. Waldrop.

In the second feature it was a battle of attrition to see who would take the checkered as only seven cars out of eighteen were still on the track at the end of the race. Donnelly found himself on the pole after the eight-car invert from the first feature, but Doug Barnes took the top spot away from him with only twelve laps down. The first half of the race only saw one caution and Barnes was still leading at the halfway mark followed by Silvestri, Goin and Sellers. Barnes stayed out front and was able to survive the remaining cautions, until the final one flew with only eight laps left. On the next to last caution restart, Barnes, who was on the inside, and Slivestri, who was on the outside, made slight contact heading into turn one and Goin got a run on Barnes, putting his front bumper into the back of Barnes. Barnes went up the track slightly into Silvestri, and Silvestri went hard into the outside wall coming out of two, ending his night. Barnes and Goin were put to the back by race officials for being a part of the caution. Barnes and his camp did not agree with the call and parked his car with only a hand full of laps left. After the clean up it was a green white checkered finish. Pena started inside of row two behind Sellers and tried to make a move going three wide into one on the restart. After bouncing off Sellers and other cars going down the back stretch, he would find himself in the fourth spot where he would finish. Sellers took the checkered flag and celebrated his win and the track championship in victory lane. The top five were Sellers, Stuart Crews, Silvestri, Pena and Michael Hardin.

The Modifieds ran twin races and much like the Late Models, they stayed clean in the first one with only one caution and had a battle of attrition in the second. Mike Rudy picked up his second win of the year in feature number one followed by Chris Humblet, Jimmy Humblet, Wayne Hartley and Bubba Johnston. The second feature got wild from the start. It took three attempts to get the race to run one official lap without a caution which took several competitors out of the field for the night. Once all the dust settled and they got back to racing, J. Humblet picked up the win, C. Humblet was second, Rudy third, Chris Johnson fourth and Warren Lipford came home fifth. Chris Humblet celebrated his second consecutive track championship on Victory lane with his farther the feature winner.

In the Mini Stock Division, Kris Kurtz was able to gain some ground on points leader Keith Riley by taking the checkered flag and Riley finishing third. Jesse Yopp finished second and Chris powers fourth. One points race remains.

In other action, Alex Ayers was able to pad his lead with a victory in the U Car division. Rounding out the top five were Cameron Ruggles, Todd Ruggles, Zachary Lindsey and Mike Chapman. The Any Car class saw Bradley take the checkered flag over Wendell White and Kim Oliver in the four-cylinder class and Troy Curtis take the win in the eight-cylinder class. Racing resumes October 31st with the Big One 200 lap feature as well as features for the Virginia Racer Late Models, and the UCAR and Any Car divisions. Gates open at 3 and racing begins at 5.

October 10th Race Report

Silvestri, Berry Split Late Model Twins

It looked like the rain would take the headlines this weekend, but it held off and Daniel Silvestri and Josh Berry split the twin late model races that will be used to help set the field for the 200 lap event on Halloween night. 

All classes practified Saturday night thanks to the delay with drying the track. After all three groups had finished, Berry took the pole with a time of 15.12, but started third in the field after the redraw. Silvestri started on the pole and led till almost the halfway mark when Doug Barnes was able to get past him after 11 laps of door to door racing. But it was short lived and the two swapped the lead over the final 30 laps, with Silvestri pulling out the win in the first 60 lap feature for his second win of the year. Rounding out the top five were Silvestri, Barnes, Aaron Donnelly, John Goin and Sergio Pena.

The second 60 lap feature saw only one caution which gave Barnes and Berry both the ability to drive their way from mid pack up to the front inside of 15 laps. Barnes started sixth following the mandatory invert and Berry started ninth after some issues in the first race that caused him to pit with only three laps to go.  With 13 to go, Berry and Barnes were side by side and shortly after, Berry was able to pull away and park it in victory lane for his third win of the year at Dominion. Barnes, Silvestri, Peyton Sellers, and Conner Jones rounded out the top five.

The Virginia racer Late Models ran a thirty-five lap feature that ran caution free and Zack Lightfoot picked up his fifth win of the year and extend his point lead over Logan Clark with only two races left. Lightfoot led flag to flag and was never really challenged. Eddie Slagle, Davey Callihan, Clark and Reid Murphy round out the top five.

The Dominion Stock class was in action and Gary Burke won his fourth race of the year and extended his points lead over Bobby Curtis with only one race left. Curtis led for the first several laps at the start of the race, but Burk was able to pick his way through the field after starting fifth to take the checkered flag. Dan Rogers, Curtis, Travis Weber and Andrew Condrey all finished in the top five.

The INEX Legends and Bandaleros made their last stop of the year this week. Tommy Jackson picked up his sixth win of the year in the Legends division and Ryley Music got his sixth win as well in the Bando class.

The UCAR and any car class rounded out the feature events Saturday night with Alex Ayers coming from sixth starting position to get his third win of the year in the UCARS and extend his points lead over Don Schumann and Cameron Ruggles with only three races left. Rounding out the top five were Ruggles, Michael Frayser, Kris Kurtz and Schumann. Any Car checkered flags were taken by Thomas Fontain in the 4 cylinder and Michael Pifer in the eight-cylinder class. This was Pifer’s first ever race and first ever win.

This coming Saturday there will be twin races for both the Late Models as well as the Modified divisions, and single lap features for the UCARS and Any Car Divisions. Gates open at 3and racing starts at 5 pm.


September 19th Race Report

Sellers Takes Two More at Dominion

The last four Late Model features at Dominion have been won by either Peyton Sellers or Mike Diaz and one of those streaks would continue Saturday night.

Sellers took both 60 lap feature wins after starting fifth and eighth, respectively. Sellers took the pole in qualifying and was the car to beat in both features. The only person who seemed to have anything for him all night was Mike Looney who started on the pole in the first feature. Looney led flag to flag but the second flag was only the white flag. After a side by side battle for almost 25 laps with Sellers, Looney was leading when he took the white flag. Heading into turn one, Sellers gave a bump to Looney moving him half a groove up the track, which was just enough room for Sellers to drive under him and run side by side down the backstretch. Sellers had the better line coming out of four and took the checkered for his sixth win of the year.  Looney came home second followed by Daniel Silvestri, John Goin, Aaron Donnelly and Mike Diaz.

Sellers started eighth after the mandatory invert but took only 30 laps to pick his way through the field to get out front. He would survive four cautions and a green, white, checkered finish as well as a strong run from Diaz on the last lap, to win his seventh race of the year and pad his points lead with nine races left. Conner Jones had another great run in the second feature where he started in the back and worked his way through the field for a top 10 finish, the second week in a row he has done that. Top five finishers were Sellers, Diaz, Looney, Goin and Sergio Pena.

The Dominion Stocks ran a 40-lap feature that saw Bobby Curtis go flag to flag to get his second win on the season. He also gained some valuable points on leader Gary Burke who finished third. The field was only slowed twice due to caution, but Curtis was able to get great restarts and drive away for the win. Second through fifth were Richard Powers, Burke, Dan Rogers and Barry Beebe. Burke still has the points lead with only two races left.

The INEX series made a stop at Dominion last night and the Legends had a $2,600 to win purse that 16 drivers set out to win. Ryan Matthews qualified on the pole with Tommy Jackson second, but the invert put both on the third row together. Both had moved to the front by lap 14 and Matthews gave it all he had, but Jackson was able to pull away late to take the win and the purse. Rounding out the top five were Dylan Spain, Matthews, Daniel Carter and Alex Andrecs.

Along with the Legends, the INEX Bandaleros had a feature that saw Ryley Music get the win for his third of the season and got a much-needed cushion in the points battle with 3 races left. Music’s closest competitor in the points, Aaliyah Painter, who came in only two points back, spun coming out of turn four with only 10 laps to go. She was able to rebound and salvage a sixth-place finish.

Kris Kurtz finally got some good luck and put his car back in victory lane for his third win of the year. After several weeks of mechanical issues and bad luck, as well as losing the points lead, Kurtz got a win and gained two points back in the chase with two features left. Keith Riley came home second and Jessie Yopp third.

In other action, Kim Oliver won her second race of the year in the four cylinder class for the AnyCar Division and Troy Curtis took the win in the eight cylinder class for his first win of the year. In the Mini Cup division, Fred Daniels took the win over Tyler Warriner and Tyler Roach.

This Saturday the Late Models make their third stop in three weeks with another twin 60 lap feature. The Modifieds are back with a 35-lap feature and the Virginia Racer Late Models have another 35-lap feature in the Commonwealth Clash between Langley and Dominion. Cole Bruce and Landon Pemberlton come in tied on points with only two races left. The UCARS have a 25-lap feature and the INEX division is back with twin races for both the Legends and Bandaleros. Gates open at 5 and racing start at 7 pm.

September 12th Race Report

Sellers Takes Two at Dominion

Peyton Sellers came into the twin races at Dominion this weekend with a 24-point lead over stablemate Daniel Silvestri and managed to widen the gap after taking both twin 60 lap features Saturday night.

Sellers set a new qualifying record for the late model division with a lap of 15.223 but would start sixth in the first race after the invert.  Thirteen laps in, Sellers was right where he has been most of the year, out front of the late model field and pulling away. Three cautions slowed his progress, but each time he was able to put his Toyota back out front easily and drive away with his first win on the night and fifth win of the year. John Goin and Silvestri would round out the top three.

Having won the first feature, Sellers would start even deeper in the field, eighth starting spot, for the second twin after the mandatory invert. Twenty-six laps in though he was back out front and would go on to win his second feature of the night. Aaron Donnelly had his best run of his late model career finishing second in the second feature. He started third and help the lead for 25 laps until Sellers was able to reel him in and drive away for the win. Rounding out the top four were Donnelly, Sergio Pena and Conner Jones. Jones started next to last on the field and was able to drive his way to a fourth place finish.

The Virginia Race Late Model division ran a 35 lap feature and Nick Leitz won his first race of the year in only his fifth feature of 2020. Landon Pemberlton took the pole in qualifying but started sixth after the invert. Ten laps in he was out front and looked like the car to beat but the only caution of the night bunched the field back up. With 10 to go, Leitz made his move and took the lead from Pemberlton and went on to sit in victory lane for the first time. Logan Clark finished third and Eddie Slagle came home fourth.

In the Dominion Stock division, cautions took center stage. Bobby Curtis was able to outlast 4 yellow flags and one red flag situation to park his car in victory lane. Curtis started on the pole for the feature and led flag to flag. Following Curtis were Gary Burke, Dan Rogers and Richard Powers.

In the Mini Stock division, Keith Riley extended his points lead over Kris Kurtz by winning the 25-lap feature. Rounding out the top five were Jessie Yopp, Jesse Jones, Mickey Payne and Kurtz.

Cameron Ruggles was able to make up a few points on Alex Ayers in the UCAR division by taking the win and Ayers finishing second. Don Schumann, Jon Pritt and Michael Frayser rounded out the top five.

Wendell White and Pete Sullivan picked up wins in the Any Car division 20 lap feature with both gaining ground on the points leaders for the four- and eight-cylinder division respectively.

This coming Saturday the Late Models are back with twin 60 lap races. Also in action will be the Dominion Stocks, Mini Stocks, Any Cars, Mini Cups, and the INEX Legends and Bandaleros. Gates open at 5 and the green flag drops at 7 pm.

September 5th Race Report

Bruce and Callihan Split Wins in Dominion/Langley Clash

The Virginia Racer Limited Late Model class came into Saturday having run three features in the clash with Landon Pemberlton holding the slimmest of points margin over last years Dominion track champion Cole Bruce, but twin races Saturday shook that up.

Davey Callihan got the pole over Bruce but after the redraw Callihan started fifth and Bruce fourth. Bruce was able to pick his way to the front in less than 8 laps. By the second caution with 18 to go, Callihan was right on Bruce’s bumper, But Bruce was able to execute his restarts and stay in the lead. The fifth and final caution came out with four laps to go after Chris Donnelly spun in turn two collecting Bradley Kilby, ending both of their nights. The race went to a green, white, checkered and Bruce was able to execute one more restart to bring home the win over Callihan. Rounding out the top five were Zack Lightfoot, Reid Murphy, and Landon Pemberlton. “We worked our way up to second and got by the leader around lap ten and we led from there on out” Bruce said. “We had some late cautions and were able to execute them each time and we were able to get the win tonight”.

Bruce started eighth in the field after the mandatory invert and Callihan seventh. This feature saw four cautions as well as another green, white, checkered finish. Callihan bided his time and much like Bruce in the first feature, executed his restarts and was able to hold on for the win. Rounding out the top five were Pemberlton, Bruce, Eddie Slagle and Richard Storm. When asked before the race what his plan was for the evening Callihan said “We are definitely a long shot at this point for the points championship so we are just going for the trophies and the wins”.

The Modified division also had twin 35 lap features and Chris Humblet made it a clean sweep on the night picking up his fourth and fifth feature wins on the year and closing the gap on points leader Mike Rudy.

After taking the pole for the first feature, C. Humblet rolled off fourth after the invert. With only one caution in the feature, it took C. Humblet 24 laps to get to the front of the field where he would eventually drive away for his fourth win of the year. Rounding out the top five were Jimmy Humblet, Wayne Hartley, Peyton Ferree and Rudy.

The second feature saw more cautions than the first, five total, but the results were the same. C. Humblet started shotgun on the field and by lap 16 was back out front. He and J. Humblet swapped the lead after lap 20, but in the end J. Humblet picked up his second win on the night and fifth overall this season. Rounding out the top five in this one was J. Humblet, Hartley, Rudy and Kayla Surles.

The UCARS division had a 25 lap feature and 14 points separated first from fourth. Alec Ayers came into the night with a mere six-point lead over Cameron Ruggles with only five races left. Don Schumann took the pole in qualifying with Ayers third fastest. After the redraw and invert, Schumann started sixth with Ayers fourth. When the green flag dropped both Ruggles and Jon Pritt had mechanical issues and came into the pits with in the first few laps, ending their nights and losing valuable points. With in two laps, Ayers was out front with Schumann in second and that would be how they finished. Jimmy Parker came home third followed by Mark Miller.

Also in action were the Mini Stock Division which saw Kris Kurtz’s point lead disappear after he developed a mechanical issue and would finish seventh. He came in holding only a four-point lead over Keith Riley who finished second. Rounding out the top four were your winner Jesse Jones, Riley, Jessie Yopp and Reggie Alcaraz.

This coming Saturday the Late Model division will be back in action for the first time in weeks with twin 60 lap features along with the Virginia Racer Limited Late Models, Dominion Stocks, UCARS, Mini Stocks and Any Cars divisions. Gates open at 5 and green flag drops at 7pm.

August 1st Race Report

Diaz, Burke Sweep Twins at Dominion


Mason Diaz rolled into town with for the twin 60 lap features at Dominion on Saturday night and became the first to sweep twin races in the Late Model Stock car division since Phillip Morris did it back on August 8, 2019.

Diaz battled the heat like so many others and raced against the biggest names in the Late Model Division to take the twins. Drivers Mike Looney, Peyton Sellers, and Josh Berry joined Diaz from out of town to go up against 20 other competitors in one of the stoutest fields Dominion has ever had. Diaz was fast from the moment he unloaded and backed that up his practice runs by taking the pole with a 15.282, almost three tenths of a second faster than Berry. Due to the invert Diaz started third but took only six laps to put his machine out front and was never truly tested for the remainder of the feature. He was able to survive three cautions, which took out nine cars, to park his car in the Radley Chevrolet Victory Lane. Sellers and Silvestri rounded out the top three.

Instead of starting in the eighth position for the second 60 lap feature, Diaz had to start shotgun on the field due to having to change a blistered tire following the first race. While Diaz expertly picked his way through the field for the first 15 laps, Sellers and Daniel Silvestri raced door to door for over 15 laps of green flag racing. Finally, Sellers got clear of Silvestri for a moment and then he found himself door to door with Berry for about ten more laps. With Sellers and Berry going door to door, neither one willing to concede an inch, Diaz worked his way up to third and found himself several times peaking to the low side to make it three wide, but backed out each time. Eventually, with 21 laps to go, Diaz got by Sellers for the lead and drove away for his second win of the night to complete the sweep. Sellers was runner up again followed by Silvestri for third. “Peyton and Silvestri were going crazy door to door and that was my chance I needed to take to sneak in there. I know Peyton’s tired were hot from racing Silvestri and I used that to my advantage and put him on the high side. I knew with those hot tires he couldn’t up top there and we pulled away,” Diaz said after the race.

In the Dominion Stock division, Gary Burke became the second driver on the night to sweep twin features. Burke qualified third but was put on the pole following the redraw and he drove away thanks to the feature being green from start to finish. The top four in the first feature were Burke, Richard Powers, Bobby Curtis and Barry Beebe.

After the invert from the first feature, Burke started sixth in the field but only took 11 laps to get to the front, where once again, he was unchallenged and took the checkered flag to complete the sweep of the 25 lap twins. Travis Weber, Beebe and Dan Rogers rounded out the top four. “The car is dialed in. I cannot complain. We had some issues from the last race, and we fixed it. My guys, my car owner, and my sponsor, we couldn’t do it with out them” Burke said. “It was good all day long, as soon as we pulled it out of the trailer it was consistently fast”.

In the UCAR division, Jon Pritt got his first ever official victory over Alex Ayers, Cameron Ruggles and Michael Frayser. Rounding out the night of racing, Pete Sullivan and Thomas Fontain took the wins in the Anycar Class.

Next week Dominion welcomes the CARS Tour as well as features for the Modifieds, Mini Cups, and the USAC Midgets. The Virginia Racer Late Models will be running the second of six races in the Battle of the Commonwealth Series between Dominion and Langley Speedway. Gates open at 5 and the green flag drops at 7pm.

July 18th Race Report

Three Twin Races with Four First Wins of the Year

On a day when the heat index topped 100 degrees, Dominion hosted twin races in three separate classes with four drivers picking up their first wins of the year. They also had a tribute before the start of the race for the passing of a racing legend last weekend.

Shawn Balluzo, a modified racer at Langley Speedway, died last Saturday after succumbing to injuries that he sustained during an accident during his feature race. Prior to the first feature Saturday night, there was a moment of silence in his honor and following the national anthem, all of the cars from Dominion’s Modified and Virginia Racer Late model divisions, lined up three wide and went around the track for several parade laps paying homage to the late racer.

The action started with the first of two features in the Modified Division where they ran a 48-lap feature instead of a 35 in honor of Balluzo whose car number was 48. Jimmy Humblet, who was still looking for his first win of the year, started on the pole and he and his son Chris, pulled away from the field early on thanks to 28 laps of clean, green flag racing. However, with 25 laps to go, following a caution, J. Humblet developed an electrical issue which relegated him to an eighth-place finish, giving the lead to C. Humblet. C. Humblet looked like the car to beat for most of the second half until he developed an engine issue which ruined his chances for another win and relegated him to a seventh-place finish. Mike Rudy inherited the lead and never looked back picking up his first win of the season. “We had a good night. We did not start off to well in qualifying. We were a little of in stagger, so we didn’t qualify so good” Rudy said. “In the race we got up there and we were battling, and I think we probably had a third place car, but they always say mechanical things happen and we just haven’t had bad luck and you got to be there to win it”. Top three finishers were Rudy, Kayla Surles and Peyton Ferree.

In the second feature which went 35 laps, J. Humblet found himself back on the pole thanks to the eight-car invert and this time he was not to be denied. J. Humblet went from green flag to checkered in the first position, surviving two restarts to get his first win of the year. Rounding out the top three in the second feature were Rudy and Surles who got her second top five of the year, both coming on the same night. “We were running well in the first race. We had an electrical issue. Our battery cut off grounded out and cut all the power to the car. Not sure why. Chris fell out due to a motor problem, lost a rocker arm and that took him out. So the purple people eaters didn’t have a good first race” J. Humblet said afterwards. “Second race we came over here and fixed the car and got everything back right, so we had a decent finish for the night. All the guys here worked their rear ends off to get the cars going. My hat goes off to them because I have the easy job of driving”.

The Virginia Racer Late Model division, one of the most competitive divisions all season had twin 35 features as well. In the four races prior to last night there had been four different feature winners. That streak would come to an end in the first feature with Zack Lightfoot becoming the first repeat winner of the year. Davey Callihan, the current points leader despite not having a win this year, started on the pole in feature number one. From the drop of the green flag, it was obvious Callihan was fighting a handling issue as the car looked like it was on ice skates. It did not take long for Nick Leitz to take over the lead from Callihan who got shuffled back to fourth place. With twelve laps to go, Callihan took the car for a spin coming out of four, bringing out the first caution. He came into the pits to change his right rear, which put him to the back of the field. Lightfoot took the lead from Leitz with 22 laps to go and never relinquished it to put his car in victory lane as the first second time winner this season. Logan Clark came home second, Chris Donnelly third and Callihan was able to fight back to finish fourth after his tire issue.

The second feature saw last weeks winner, Landon Pemberlton start on the pole following the eight-car invert. This race was clean and green until there four laps left. Pemberlton had led from the drop of the green until the caution and unfortunately for him, he was part of the reason the yellow flag was shown. Clark had driven his way through the field picking off car after car, coming from the seventh starting position to get to the back bumper of Pemberlton. He was able to gain .1 seconds a lap and was able to put the car anywhere he wanted. With four to go, Clark ran down Pemberlton and went to make the pass going into turn three and the two got together with both cars sliding up the track towards the outside wall, dashing the chances of either dr iver becoming the second repeat winner on the year. The clean up required a red flag situation and when racing resumed, Lightfoot was sitting in position to get his second win on the night, but there were still four laps to go. When the green flag dropped, Lightfoot and Leitz were running side by side for the first lap. When they went down the backstretch to complete lap 32, Callihan, who was in third on the restart, saw an opening and took it, dropping to the bottom of the track to go three wide. Lightfoot backed out some so as not to be the meat in the sandwich, allowing Callihan to drive off with the lead with only two laps to go. Callihan held off Lightfoot and Leitz to win his first feature of the year. “We haven’t really had a dominant car yet but we have had a really consistent season and that’s starting to show in the points and to get that first win was a big deal for us”, Callihan said. When asked about his three wide move he said “It was one of those moments where I had to make a last moment decision, but when you are going for the win with a couple laps to go, I saw an opportunity, I saw the door open and I took it. Luckily, Zack backed out and made it work and I appreciate that on his part”.

The mini cup division ran twin 25 lap races. I the first feature, Johnny Shonk Survived four cautions and a green, white, checkered finish to come home with the win, followed by Dean Johnson and Tyler Warriner. Feature number two only saw two cautions and Johnson was able to drive his car to the win followed by Shonk and Warriner.

The UCAR division ran a 25-lap feature that saw Ethan Ayers drive away from Alex Ayers and Kyle Bunn to take the checkered flag for his first win of the year.

Next scheduled night of racing is August 1 when we welcome back the Late Model division for twin 60 lap features, as well as twin 25s for the Dominion Stocks, 25 laps for the UCARS and 20 laps for the Any Car division. Gates open at 5 and green flag drops at 7.

July 11th Race Report

Sellers, Looney take Twin Victories

On the first night that fans have been allowed at Dominion Raceway this season, all in attendance go to see a record setting seven red flag situations as well as cars and drivers going airborne both in and outside of their cars.

Saturday night saw one of the stoutest fields for the late model stock cars this season with 22 cars taking the green flag in the first twin 60 showcasing regulars like Doug Barnes, Tyler Hughes, Peyton Sellers, Davey Callihan and Mike Ganoe. It also brought Mike Looney and Sergio Pena back to Fredericksburg for the first time this year. When the racing started Looney and John Goin ran side by side for the better part of 7 laps with Looney finally getting clear on lap 8 to take the lead. After one yellow and two red flags, one of which saw Barnes cannonball himself onto the windshield of Hughes’s car after an altercation into the outside wall, racing resumed and Looney was able to drive away for a decent lead over Sellers until the fifth caution of the night caused a green, white, checkered finish where Looney help Sellers off to take his first win in three tries at Dominion. “Still a work in progress. We don’t really have much of a notebook for this track” Looney said before the race. “Think we found the direction and hopefully get a top five finish tonight”. Following the accident involving Hughes and Barnes, Hughes was able to get out of his car and was eventually transported to the hospital. At the time this article was written, there was no official word on his condition, but he is believed to be doing well.

The second Late Model feature was reduced from 60 laps to 30 due to time constraints. There were only 15 of the 22 cars that took the green in the first twin to roll off in the second one due to the carnage from the three yellow and two red flags. With the top eight inverted, Callihan started on the pole and looked great early until he had to retire five laps in with a mechanical issue. Michael Hardin inherited the lead but did not hold it for long as it only took ten laps for Sellers, the division points leader, to put his rocket out front and not look back to take his third win of the season.

The Virginia Racer Late Models ran their first race in the Championship Challenge Series and had a nineteen-car field. This is a new series that has brought Langley Speedway and Dominion Raceway together where drivers can compete at both tracks, three races at Dominion and three at Langley, to crown a series champion. Landon Pemberton, from South Boston Speedway, and Cole Bruce from Dominion, were two of the fastest cars in practice and they were the two battling for the lead on the last lap coming out of turn four. Bruce started on the outside pole after the invert and wasted no time getting out front and working his way to as much as a seven car lead, but with only four laps left, a red flag flew for a wreck in turns one and two. Bruce was able to take the restart, with Pemberton to his outside, and begin to pull away again, only to have a caution come out with three to go and another restart. Again, Bruce was on the inside and Pemberton was on the outside. Bruce was able to get out in front, but Pemberton stayed glued to Bruce’s back bumper and was able to pull even with two laps left. When the white flag flew, Pemberton made his move going into turn one and put his nose under Bruce one last time. They ran down the back-stretch door to door and Pemberton was able to beat Bruce to the line by less than a car length to take his first win at Dominion and the first win of the Championship Series. Rounding out the top five were Bruce, Callihan, Logan Clark and Reid Murphy. The next race in the Challenge series is at Langley on July 25th.

In the Dominion Stock division, where only eight points separate first from fifth, Gary Burke was looking to put some distance between himself and the rest of the field in the early points battle and Barry Beebe was looking to continue his early-season success. Beebe started on the pole after the invert and looked tough to beat again, but with only four laps into the feature, he ended up falling to the back and was never really a factor the rest of the night. Richard Powers took the win with Burke second, Bobby Curtis third and Beebe coming in fourth.